General Leaflet: 10 February 2017

With Brexit and election of Donald Trump in the USA there has been a lot of focus on immigration. If you ask a lot of people ‘what is the biggest problem with this country’ they will often say it is ‘immigration’ or ‘people on the dole not willing to work’.

However as we explain below immigrants are of net benefit to this country and the ‘problem’ of the unemployment is very small compared to other financial burdens1.

The tactic of ‘divide and rule’ is being used to get as fighting amongst ourselves to stop us from realising what the real problems are.


It is important to realise that there are not a fixed number of jobs that ‘other’ people take. When someone gets a job they spend money on goods and services. This creates increased demand for goods and services which means more jobs are created. The people in these jobs spend their money on goods and services which creates more jobs. This results in economic growth – i.e. the country gets a lot richer, tax revenues go up and we should have more money to spend on things such as the NHS.

Between 2001 and 2011, the overall contributions to the UK from immigrants from countries that recently joined the EU amounted to almost £5 billion, other recently arrived European immigrants contributed £15 billion, and recent non-European immigrants contributed £5 billion2.

If the economy is growing why haven’t your wages/pensions/benefits gone up? Why are you still struggling to pay off debts and the gas bill? Why is the NHS struggling.

The problem is that this wealth has mainly gone to those who are already wealthy. For example in 2013 when we were suffering under austerity the richest 100 people in the UK saw their wealth increase by £1,272 per second3.Eight men now own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world4.

Unlike poorer people the rich spend a much smaller percentage on goods and services. Instead they invest in hedge funds, the stock market and property which leads to housing, stock bubbles and banking crises.

Divide And Rule

One of the ways that such inequality is maintained is that we are told that the problem is other people who are in the same position that we are – its ‘the blacks’, ‘the immigrants’, ‘the Jews’ . Who tells us this? Billionaire media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere and the Barclay Brothers5 and rich politicians such as Donald Trump or Boris Johnson who described the £250,000 a year he gets from writing for the Daily Telegraph as ‘chicken feed’6.

Who Do You Have More In Common With?

When we are told that we ‘must look after our own’ it is important to ask who is our own? Should we continue to look after the billionaires or should we join together and fight for our share of the cake which we create.

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